Rima’s Visit to a Book Fair Story 250 words for HSC & SSC

This particular post is about Rima’s Visit to a Book Fair Story 250 words. This story is for HSC & SSC students also all students can read this.
    Hello All, Hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to have a conversation on Rima’s Visit to a Book Fair Story. We are going to give you one of the best story in this particular topic on English 2nd Paper Writing section. We have written this Story within 250 words.

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    It is a story which is based on a girl who's name is Rima. It is cover by the whole situation which she faced during her visit on a book fair. So we shouldn't take your more time. Time to give you that Story.

    Rima’s Visit to a Book Fair Story 250 words for HSC & SSC

    Rima’s Visit to a Book Fair Story 250 words for all Class

    Rima is a girl of HSC 1st year at a renowned college. In the month of February, she was eagerly waiting to join a “Book Fair” but her parents interrupted her from going outside. They told her that she was not allowed to go alone anywhere except to the college. She tried to convince her parents saying that she would be accompanied by three other girls from her college and that they would be in burkas. 

    After listening to her, the parents said, “We’re sorry that we can’t allow you to go outside without being accompanied by any male person.“ Rima was very sad. She could not understand the reasons for her parents' negative attitude towards her proposal of going to Ekushey Book Fair. How long she has waited to visit the fair! She started crying. Then, she went to her aunt living in the same area. 

    She expressed her intention of visiting the fair. Her aunt was willing to help her. On Monday, she went to Rima’s parents. She said to them, “Rima’s uncle and cousin are going to Dhaka on Thursday to visit the Ekushey Book Fair and they will return to Manikganj in the evening. 

    So, Rima can go with them to visit the “Book Fair”. At last, Rima’s parents permitted her to go to the fair. They said to her, “You may go to the Book Fair with your uncle and cousin, but take care of yourself.”


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