Industry is the key to Success Story 150 words for All

Industry is the key to Success Story is based on a king whose name was Robert Bruce. That's why its also known as Robert Bruce Story.

    Hello All, hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to have a conversation on Industry is the key to Success Story. This story is also known as "The Robert Bruce Story." We are going to give you one of the best story in this particular topic on English 2nd Paper Writing section. We have written this Story within 150 words.

    It is the best number of words for writing part to have a good mark. If you read this whole story and write down the exact 150 word then surely your Examiner or teacher will give you full marks.

    Industry is the key to Success Story 150 words for All

    It is a story which is based on a King who's name was Robert Bruce. It is cover by the whole situation which he faced during a war of his freedom. So we shouldn't take your more time. Time to give you that Story.

    Industry is the key to Success Story 150 words | Robert Bruce Story 150 Words

    Robert Bruce was a famous king. His kingdom was invaded by enemies. The king fought bravely but was defeated in the battle. He fled away from the kingdom and took shelter in a remote cave to save his life. He was immersed in deep sorrow and gave up all hope. Once, he was lying in the cave. Then he saw a spider trying hard to reach the ceiling of the cave. 

    The spider failed again and again to succeed. But he did not give up hope. Bruce saw the spider climbing to the ceiling after some unsuccessful attempts. This dauntless spider inspired Bruce to shake off the darkness of despair. He gathered an army of strong men and Bruce regained his kingdom. It teaches us that “perseverance is the key to success.”


    So, dear friends that is your story on Robert Bruce. You can get the best mark on your writing if you read it well and write down in your exam. No more today. We don't want to waste your time more. 

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